BP/Amoco Customer Service

Help Desk for POP, Network/POS, and more (888) 274-3578
IVR Link to Help Desk Call Tree

POS Manufacturer Help Desk

VeriFone Dedicated BP Help Desk (800) 472-2504
Gilbarco Passport BP Help Desk (800) 800-7498

BP Operations

Used to access loyalty settlement, mystery shopper report, gift card ordering, card fees, and third- party vendor links.
Instructions for Submitting Mystery Shop Cures – Link

BP Marketing and Training

Clark Customer Service

Corporate Number: (877) GO-CLARK

Company Website: www.clarkbrands.com

Financial Portal: reporting.clarkbrands.com

ExxonMobil Customer Service

  • ExxonMobil network/POS Help Desk (866) 603-6483
  • Credit card settlement/dispute inquires (800) 413-9966

POS and Pump Manufacturer Help Desk

  • VeriFone dedicated Help Desk (888) 976-5022
  • Gilbarco dedicated Passport Help Desk (800) 743-7380

Credit card settlement, tax exempt reports, and other financial reports are to be handled through the Schneider Electric site reports. Please contact the Parent Petroleum corporate/fuels office to get setup.

Marketing Resource Center

  • www.exxonmobilemrc.com
  • ExxonMobil dealers can register on their own by visiting the link above. *Must have seven digit dealer number
  • Everything a dealer needs to know about ExxonMobil’s programs and partnerships involving marketing, loyalty, image, mystery shop, etc.

Gift Card Ordering

POP and Marketing Material (RPM)

  • RPM Help Desk (800) 636-4767

Citgo Customer Service

  • Network and POS Help Desk (800) 533-3421
  • Portal Help Desk (800) 423-8434

POS Help Desk

  • VeriFone dedicated Citgo Help Desk (888) 889-7829
  • Gilbarco Passport Help Desk (800) 800-7498

Citgo MarketNet

  • www.citgo.com/MarketNet
  • Access credit card settlements, mystery shop reports, and general information about programs and offerings

Marketing and Loyalty Portal

  • https://www.mycitgostore.com
  • This site provides you with important brand news, program offerings, learning tools and other primary business services.

Marathon Dealer Services

  • Network/POS Support (800) 352-2422
  • VeriFone dedicated Marathon Help Desk (888) 428-8384
  • Gilbarco Passport Help Desk (800) 800-7498

eMpowered Operations and Marketing

Shell Customer Service

  • Shell Solutions Center (SSC): (866) 447-4355 or (866) HI-SHELL

Network Firewall and Payment Application Provider

  • Cybera Help Desk: (866) 429-2372

POS Help Desk Toll-Free Phone Numbers

  • VeriFone dedicated Shell Help Desk (888) 318-5373

Operations and Marketing Portal

VP Racing Customer Service

Company Website: www.vpracingfuels.com

VP Racing Fuels and Additives: www.vpracingfuels.com/vp-regional-warehouses-and-distribution-centers/

Midwest Distribution

Email: vpmidwest@vpracingfuels.com
Tel: (812) 466-1175
Address: 4100 E Steelton Ave., Terre Haute, IN 47805

Find a Dealer: www.vpracingfuels.com/find-a-dealer/

Fuels Technical Support

Email: tech@vpracingfuels.com
Tel: (812) 878-2025

Consumer Products

Email: cpinfo@vpracingfuels.com
Tel: (877) 515-1733